The Ward 3 Democratic Committee is the official arm of the Democratic Party in Ward 3. The purpose of the Committee is to elect and support Democratic candidates for local and national office; and to provide an issues forum for Democratic voters in Ward 3 and the community.

Comprised of six elected delegates from each of the 18 precincts in Ward 3 and 15 at-large delegates, the Ward 3 Democratic Committee welcomes all Ward 3 and D.C. residents to attend its educational programs. Any individual registered as a Democrat in Ward 3 is eligible to run to become a delegate to the Committee. Precinct delegates are elected every two years in November after the General Election at a precinct caucus of all registered Democrats in that precinct. At-Large Delegates are also elected bi-annually. Beginning in 2014, any registered Ward 3 Democrat will be eligible to nominate and vote for at-large delegates during a caucus held within three weeks after the General Election. These delegates along with elected members of the DC Democratic State Committee and Ex Officio Delegates make up the official membership of the Ward 3 Democratic Committee. (See Bylaws for further details).

The Committee’s meetings feature presentations by local and national Democratic public officials, journalists, and issue experts. During local election campaigns, the Committee holds forums designed to better inform DC residents about the candidates. During the 2012 presidential campaign, the Ward 3 Democratic Committee coordinated with the Obama campaign to organize Ward 3 based phone banks and campaign events that allowed Ward 3 residents to participate in the campaign as a political community. Committee delegates discuss, debate, and vote on resolutions on local and national issues of interest to the membership.