The Ward 3 Democratic committee is comprised of six elected delegates from each of the 18 precincts in Ward 3 (108 delegates) and 15 at-large delegates. Precinct delegates are elected every two years in November after the General Election at a precinct caucus of all registered Democrats in that precinct. At-Large Delegates are also elected bi-annually. Beginning in Dec. 2014, any registered Ward 3 Democrat will be eligible to nominate and vote for at-large delegates during a caucus held within three weeks after the General Election.


**2017 – 2018 Delegates**



FINAL Roster for 2015/2016 term Precinct & At-Large Caucuses

*Rules for the 2015/2016 Delegate vacancies to be elected on October 27, 2015* HERE

*Rules for the 2015/2016 term At-large, Officers, Area Captains* HERE

*Rules for the 2015/2016 term Precint Caucus Nov 12-19, 2014HERE

*Caucuses to Fill Vacancies for Precinct Delegates, until November 2014* HERE


Voting Precincts in Ward 3 (map)

Additional information about voter precincts in the district: DCBOEE Polling Places

Ward3_Map Precincts_DCboee