Welcome Message


Deborah Shore (Chair)

Dear Ward 3 Democrats:

I am very pleased to be the new Chair of the Ward 3 Democratic Committee. I have been involved in the political life of the city for many years as the Founder and Executive Director of Sasha Bruce Youthwork which serves youth who are homeless and families who are struggling in the most difficult communities in our city.  My involvement with the Ward 3 Democrats has been very important to me as I have found a community of people who are both concerned by the issues that effect their lives and their Ward but also believe in the values of the Democratic Party and want the entire city to be improved.

I look forward to working with everyone in assuring we have good Democratic candidates locally and nationally and that the voice of our Ward 3 Committee is heard on the issues we care about.

I am interested in supporting an active community of Ward 3 citizens and will look for ways to encourage engagement and to reach out to others in our Ward to expand participation.

Thank you for all that you do to make this a better Ward and a better world.